Invest in Yourself

The Best Investment is the one You Make in Yourself

You have just taken the first step of your journey to get to know yourself better, love yourself more, and be your best self.

I am seeking clients just like you. If you were drawn to read this page, this message is for you. The fact that you are here is not by accident.

I was born with the spiritual gifts of empathy, compassion, and resilience. I came from a difficult childhood and overcame many obstacles in my life. I did so by trusting the Spirit. My vision is to help others overcome the obstacles they are facing, because there is no good reason for anyone to feel alone in their suffering.

Even as a child, I instinctively had a gentle, healing touch. As an adult, I learned how to tune in to Abundant Source Energy for healing and wholeness. I am trained in Reiki Healing Energy, which refined my natural gift. It is my pleasure and my honor to share my gifts with others so we can become the best versions of ourselves.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Are you ready for wholeness and healing? Are you ready and willing to face whatever truth is within you? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

Deep down, we know what we need to do and who we are meant to be. When we feel conflicted, anxious, stressed, depressed or overwhelmed, sometimes we need someone to walk beside us and reflect back to us the light that is already within us so that we can see it again for ourselves. It is my privilege to hold your hand through this process. I operate from the perspective that the answers we often seek outside ourselves are already within us. We all need guidance to help us tune into to our higher selves, gain clarity and confirmation that we are on the right path. My deepest desire in this labor of love is to raise the collective consciousness, by helping you find your voice, speak your truth, and then live into it, unapologetically.

Rather than merely give you my truth, I help you to recognize your own values and enable you to see where your actions are in alignment with your values and where you have allowed yourself to compromise them. This clarity gives you the freedom to make decisions that are in alignment with your own personal truth and values. When our actions demonstrate that we are in alignment with our own values, we do not feel divided within ourselves. We no longer feel one thing but think another. We no longer say one thing but do another. We know ourselves. We love ourselves. We forgive ourselves for making mistakes along the way. We persevere and overcome obstacles. Most importantly, we make decisions based on our own values instead of conforming to what society, religion, parents, lovers, colleagues or friends expect from us or dictate to us.

Spiritual coaching is guided by the Divine Source, Universal Law, and spiritual principles and practices intended for the client's highest good. As a spiritual coach, I ask questions to guide you to your own inner truth. These questions help you recognize when you are living into something that isn't really true for you. Sometimes we bury our truth under the expectations of others or because we think people won't accept it if we say what we really think or feel. Sometimes all we know is what we have been taught. Let's change that, shall we?

If we find that we often ask questions that upset or confuse others because they are unable to answer, this usually indicates that we are outgrowing the box that we were taught to accept. We are thinking on a deeper level than our peers or family or religious community. Our questions create cognitive dissonance for others who are not yet ready to consider the implications of those questions. Such questions demonstrate that our search for our own truth has begun. Once we acknowledge our truth, we may also need to consider how to respond rather than react to difficult situations or challenging people. I can help with this aspect of the journey as well so that your responses are compassionate and your personal boundaries are clear and healthy.

My specialty is helping you to uncover repetitive and destructive patterns in your life and identifying what led you to make those choices. Then, once you understand why you made the choice, we shift perspective to what you can learn from the experience. I may offer suggestions that will help you to be gentle with yourself during this process. Remember, breaking chains is not easy work. Take really good care of yourself when you are facing hard truths in your life.

"The Source of the Universe is full of Limitless Resources for our Healing and Transformation."