Ms. Love's Curriculum Vita


Masters in Theological Studies, Cum Laude / June 2020

Iliff School of Theology / Denver, CO

Bachelors of Arts in English Studies, Summa Cum Laude / Dec. 2016

University of New Mexico / Albuquerque, NM

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with Honors / August 2012

Central New Mexico Community College / Albuquerque, NM

Certificate of Child Development with Honors / August 2010

Central New Mexico Community College / Albuquerque, NM


Master of Theological Studies Thesis Project

Mentor Dr. Tony Alumkal, 37 pgs. / Fall & Winter 2019

Womanist Theology and Feminine Divinity in African American Women’s Literature.

This project examines the polyvocality of African American women, and the need to reclaim both humanity and feminine divinity. Darkness can be seen as an aspect of feminine divinity, reflected in themes such as the deep waters, the dark night sky, the mystery of the cosmos, the dark woods, and the cave (or womb) of creation.

William Seward and Dorothy Iliff Scholarship / Sept. 2017- May 2019

Merit based renewable two-year scholarship for FT graduate students intended to enable Iliff to attract top students.

Matching Iliff Scholarship - Fundraising / Sept. 2017- May 2019

Found several outside funding sources to help pay for tuition and received matching funds from Iliff (not to include partner, spouse, or family members).

McNair Research Scholarship and Graduate Preparation Program

Mentor Dr. Donna Ray, 52 pgs. / Spring/Summer 2016

The Legalization of Same-sex Marriage and Evolving Protestant Christian Theology

This project explores the correlation between American cultural/political events and changes in theology in the last 50 yrs. Conducts analysis of a spectrum of conservative and liberal views using the historical-critical method and concludes there is a reciprocal relationship of influence between culture and theology based on study of court cases and review of exegetical literature.

Graduate Preparation Program / June & July 2016

GRE prep skills, Résumé, CV and Power Point workshops, extensive training in writing an abstract, a statement of purpose, and the entire process from applying to grad school to becoming tenured professor.

Irene B. Kimball Endowed Scholarship / May 2016

Eng. Dept. Merit Based Award Recognizes Excellence in Creative Writing.

National Society of Leadership and Society of Success, Sigma Alpha Pi / June, 2016

Engaged in group meetings and set personal goals, encouraging each other to follow through. Fostered leadership skills by participation in team activities and following the guidance of role models through participation in speaker broadcasts of successful people like Juju Chang, Common, Kat Cole and Deepak Chopra.

College CourseworkStudy Abroad trips: Irish History & Literature and African Presence in Mexico. Produced 3 Portfolios. 30 Research Projects (8-12 pg. min.) including analysis of literature and 4-8 bibliographical references. 22 projects required an oral presentation be given in class. 20 Power Point Presentations. 15 class group projects with 2 or more people.

Dean’s List / Spring 2015 – Fall 2016


Love, T. (2016, Sept. 29). The Legalization of Same-sex Marriage and Evolving Protestant Christian Theology. Poster Presented at the McNair Scholars Research Conference, UNM.

Love, T. (2016, Sept. 30). The Legalization of Same-sex Marriage and Evolving Protestant Christian Theology. Power Point Presentation at McNair Scholars Research Conference, UNM

Love, T. (2016, Oct. 29). The Legalization of Same-sex Marriage and Evolving Protestant Christian Theology. Presentation at the 25th Annual EOA National McNair Research Conference, Delavan, WI


Nursery Coordinator

University Park Church / Oct. 2019- Nov. 2021

¨ Responsible for prep and cleanup of nursery, safety and engagement with children, teaching the Sunday school lesson, serving snacks and supervising play time.

Co-Lead Teacher

Cadence Academy / July 2020 - Sept. 2020

¨ Responsible for creating and implementing curriculum, supervising and engaging with children, maintaining a safe, clean, orderly environment.

Reception Desk Associate / Jan. 2018 - June 2020

Iliff School of Theology / Denver, CO

¨ Monitor security screens, greet visitors, assist in giving directions for events, answer and direct phone calls to appropriate staff members, receive packages and notify owners. Responsible for opening and closing the school, ensuring safety protocols are followed.

Substitute Teacher / March 2014- June 2017

Academy Montessori School / Albuquerque, NM

¨ Assist in facilitating high standards of learning for a culturally diverse population of students ages 20 months to 6 years.

¨ Encourage autonomy and positive view of work through structure and individual choice.

¨ Communicate with staff about changing needs of children. Listen to lead teacher’s concerns and adjust lesson as necessary.

¨ Supervise and interact with children, explaining any changes to daily routine.

Substitute Teacher / Jan. 2014 – June 2014

Escuela Del Sol Montessori / Albuquerque, NM

¨ Facilitate learning by assisting with individual lessons and encouraging literacy for multicultural children 18 months to 12 years.

¨ Promote autonomy in learning through individual choices, structured organization and intrinsic rewards of accomplishment.

¨ Monitor and engage with children in class and on the playground. Maintain a safe orderly environment.

Lead Teacher in Toddler Class / Feb. 2013 - Jan. 2014

East Gate Kids / Albuquerque, NM

¨ Supervise safety of up to 10 children in Christian Daycare. Train new staff.

¨ Develop and implement culturally diverse lesson plans and daily schedule, including rest time, circle time, meals, toilet training/diaper changes, outside play, art activities, and daily reading. Teach Spanish and English words to children.

¨ Communicate with parents about changes in children’s health or behavior verbally and via daily notes. Adjust lesson plans to incorporate individual goals.

¨ Organize math, science, literacy, and building/manipulatives sections of classroom and label all toys and appropriate place on the shelf with matching picture label. Rearrange sections monthly.

¨ Keep organized medical records and compile records of objective observations detailing developmental improvements for each child.

¨ Occasionally use company vehicle on field trips.

Teaching Assistant / Aug. 2012 - Feb. 2013

City of Albuquerque Early Head Start / Albuquerque, NM

¨ Serve qualifying low-income families in infant and toddler rooms.

¨ Plan and implement class curriculum. Focus on English/Spanish colors and numbers, days of the week, and weather recognition through repetition, literacy through reading stories, and expression through creative art. Facilitate increase in vocabulary using the scaffolding method. Adjust lesson plans to include individual and group goals. Communicate with parents, staff, and professionals about children’s needs. Work with parents on joint plans.

¨ Write daily and weekly observations and occasional accident/incident reports.

¨ Supervise and interact with children in classroom and on playground.

¨ Assist with meals, diaper changes, naps, opening and closing the classroom

Swimming Instructor / May 2012 - July 2012

City of Albuquerque Aquatics, Los Altos / Albuquerque, NM

¨ Teach basic swimming techniques to mixed age group (4 - 12 yrs.) based on skill levels. Increase skills learned each day.

¨ Supervise children to maintain safety. Work with the group and one on one. Read instruction manual prior to class and follow manual, making minor adjustments to lesson based on needs of individual students.

Teacher in Toddler Room / July 2010 - March 2011

Cuidando Los Niños / Albuquerque, NM

¨ Serve the multicultural homeless population. Interact with children through play, art, reading, music, and learning to express feelings in healthy ways, observing behavior and listening to children. Emphasize nutritious shared meal times.

¨ Communicate with parents daily and adjust lessons and services according to their needs. Recommend health and other services for better care. Communicate with speech, hearing and other professionals about concerns.

¨ Keep accurate medical records for children. Use technical writing to document objective observations in individual portfolios, make anecdotal assessments of development, and occasional accident/incident reports.

¨ Work one on one with children with special needs. Maintain strict confidentiality policies.

Lead Teacher in Toddler Room / June 2006 - July 2010

Kingdom Builders Preschool and Daycare / Albuquerque, NM

¨ Plan and implement curriculum, including nature/science, art, music, dance, yoga, reading, circle time and outside activities. Adjust lesson plans to accommodate children with special needs. Serve multicultural families in a Christian Daycare.

¨ Interact with children and facilitate learning through play. Assist with meals, toilet training/diaper changes, and nap times. Maintain safe clean environment.

¨ Organize classroom with distinct learning areas, label, and rearrange as necessary. File medical records and document anecdotal observations for each child.

¨ Strong written and verbal communication with parents and staff. Train staff. Make confidential reports to CYFD of suspected child abuse when necessary.

¨ Use company vehicle to pick up children from school. Responsible for shopping, cooking, and working with children (6 weeks to 11 years old), opening and closing the business.


Haven House Domestic Violence Shelter / Summer 2015

¨ Cleaned the inside of the building for the staff and residents in Rio Rancho, NM.. Protected residents by honoring confidentiality agreement.

Generous Hearts Ministry, Faith Church / Spring 2015

¨ Prepared and served substantial food boxes to families in need in Rio Rancho, NM

Safe House Thrift Store / June 2015-2017

¨ Donated goods and money annually to shelter for survivors of domestic violence in Albuquerque, NM.

Iliff and NAPAS March in Martin Luther King Marade / Jan. 2018

¨ Marched in solidarity with peers in Denver, CO

10 for 10 Black Men in Suits Event / June 2020

¨ Assisted photographers with setting, lighting, encouraging men, etc. Event held in Denver, CO

Justice for Breonna Taylor and Flowers for George Floyd / June 2020

¨ Created BLM signs and say her name signs and marched with friends in Denver, CO

July 4th Rise Up for Racial Justice Rally / July 2020

¨ Volunteered as a first responder and participated in the march in Denver, CO

Rest in Healing Power: A Vigil for Oluwatoyin Salau / June 2020

¨ Hosted by Isabella Dzidedo. Met with We Are One Denver to listen and learn, build community, heal as one community.

Living Color: A Pop Up Shop Fashion Show / July 2020

¨ volunteered as a first responder, supporting Black Youth, Artists and Designers in Denver, CO

¨ Enough is Enough March, Denver, CO / July 2020

¨ Volunteering to get petitions signed / Summer 2020

"The Source of the Universe is full of Limitless Resources for our Healing and Transformation."