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I am a healer, teacher, creator, prayer warrior, reader, and spiritual life coach

I hold sacred space for healing and spiritual growth.

We all need support during difficult times. I am here to help.

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Email me with any questions at: sage@prayercraft.com

PrayerCraft Mission Statement:

PrayerCraft is dedicated to teaching diverse spiritual practices which are effective at helping womxn survive, cope with, and heal from personal relationship trauma (including but not limited to domestic violence, police brutality, racism, sexism, religious discrimination, emotional/verbal/sexual/spiritual abuse, neglect, and all forms of hate crimes against womxn). PrayerCraft affirms your health and wellbeing is important as a womxn because you are worthy, just as you are now. PrayerCraft affirms that your health and wellbeing is your responsibility, and that the power is within you to heal from all forms of trauma. PrayerCraft is dedicated to empowering womxn to invest in themselves, to love themselves, and to take really good care of themselves. PrayerCraft affirms that womxn are co-creators and fellow human beings embodying the indwelling Spirit of divinity. At PrayerCraft, we hold sacred space for womxn’s healing and teach womxn how to use spiritual tools to strengthen us on our path to recovery and wholeness.

Why is womb healing important?

We often unknowingly hold on to negative thoughts and beliefs, repress difficult emotions and memories, and store toxic energy in our womb space as womxn. It can stay there for years or even decades if we do not release it so that we can fully recover from the trauma we survived. I teach women how to engage in energetic womb healing through guided meditations, grounding, shadow-work, breath-work, and visualizations. This spiritual work helps womxn to strengthen the mind’s eye, align the chakras, get our chi flowing through our meridian lines, make us aware of where our energy blockages are, and help us remove those blocks so we can release the negative energy that once held us captive to dark thoughts and repetitive cycles of re-traumatization. Using carefully worded questions, I help my clients become aware of those limiting beliefs that may be keeping her from living her life to the fullest. I help her shift her perspective to strengthen her sense of self as a unique person, worthy of love, respect, confidence, compassion, and joy.

Service Description:

PrayerCraft offers private spiritual coaching sessions, private Reiki and sound healing sessions, group workshops, and group healing circles. My services are unique because I have studied spiritual practices from all over the world, and researched the origins and effectiveness of these practices on wellbeing and overall health of womxn recovering from trauma. I personally use each of the practices I teach in my own healing journey and have noticed the positive changes that result from consistent practice.

What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

Spiritual life coaching is an investment in yourself and your spiritual journey. Spiritual coaching is like a classroom for cultivating consciousness and compassion. I hold space for you to learn and guide you with questions that lead you to your own spiritual truth.

A college education gives you the academic tools and training to be successful in the workforce. Therapy gives you the emotional outlet to vent to someone who is sworn to keep your confidentiality. Spiritual coaching creates a sacred space for spiritual learning, protected under the covenant of confidentiality, which gives you the tools to overcome obstacles, guided by a spirit of self-love and compassion for others.

Spiritual coaching is a relationship based on trust. However, spiritual coaching is different than traditional therapy for a few reasons. Therapists listen to clients talk through difficult circumstances, but do not give spiritual advice. A therapist may or may not be spiritually or culturally informed. A spiritual life coach is operating from a spiritual perspective. I am unique because I am very open and eclectic in my approach, adjusting to whatever method best serves your highest self. The aim of each session is guiding the client toward the path of wisdom, integrity, spiritual enlightenment, higher consciousness, freedom from suffering, wellness and wholeness.

I offer a free breakthrough session to get to know you and your unique needs so I can tailor my offerings to best serve you. If you are curious or are interested in finding out more about my services, click the link below. Come to our first breakthrough session with your clear intentions about what you would like to address with me so we can be proactive in finding solutions that work for you.

I specialize in helping women heal from relationship trauma. We can unknowingly repress and store the energy of past trauma deep in our womb space without realizing that it is still effecting us, creating a pattern of re-traumatization for us in our relationships. I am a survivor of domestic violence, sexism, racism, classism, ablism, police brutality, emotional, spiritual, and verbal abuse. I have dedicated over a decade of my life to learning about spiritual practices that have helped me overcome these toxic experiences. I am passionate about sharing the tools that worked for me to help women break free from trauma, empowered to live our best lives, unhindered by the past.

Together, we work to release and remove toxic energy so it no longer stops you from living your best life. Contact me if you are ready to heal from your past relationship trauma. I am prepared to help you learn how to speak your truth, release toxicity, and transform your perceptions and practices as a survivor, no longer a victim. I can help you change the way you deal with these events so you no longer bottle them inside or shroud them in secrecy. Let me help you be free from the pain of the past. Click the link below to find out how I can help you today.

Divine Feminine Empowerment

Sisters Shield Workshop

Coming in May! Set your calendar for every Saturday in May at 6 pm. Invitations to join come via email.

Reiki, Sound and Vibrational Healing

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Welcome to the Womxn’s Healing Circle

This is Womb Centering Work.

This is racial justice work.

This is soul searching shadow work.

This is Grounding work.

This work is Rooted in Mother Earth.

This work is biblical.

This work is Inspired by God.

This work is for the Healing of the Nations.

This work is Beautiful and Empowering,

just like you!