Client Reviews

Reiki Sessions

"I feel so much better after you did the Reiki healing session with me. I was in a lot of pain and could barely walk before that. I don't think I could have walked today if you had not done that. Thank you so much."

Loca (Idaho Springs, CO)

Tarot Reading

"I went to Tamara to get help calming my nerves and to find direction over some specific issues in my life that I have struggled with for some time. She led with a calming meditation, which helped put me in the right mindset early in our session. That was followed by fantastic, much needed advice that I could use right away in my daily life. I needed wise guidance, and that is what I got.

We finished up with some items for me to focus on in the coming weeks to help keep me on target. This way, I have been able to sustain my momentum. Thank you Tamara. I hope others find you too."

Beth Capone (Golden, CO)

Spiritual Coaching

"I have had a great experience with Ms.Love I Learned about an amazing Technique called “Chord Cutting” and thru this I have Cut A lot of Connections that aren’t in my life currently and I feel Freer on such a deeper level then I have experienced before I would like to thank her so much for everything she has done so far to help me She is such an amazing Soul And Always Willing to Listen No matter how dark it is the information exchanged I am Still Learning from her grateful for it"

Prxphet (Idaho Springs, CO)

"The Source of the Universe is full of Limitless Resources for our Healing and Transformation."