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Guiding Principles

Eclectic Spiritual Guidance with Reverence for Each Person's Unique Divine Path. Reverence for the Ancient Wisdom of the Elders and Ancestors of all Cultures

Open Door Policy

LGBTQIA folk are welcome here. Open to all religious and spiritual paths. You are welcome to enter this sacred space, in a spirit of Oneness and mutual respect. PrayerCraft is a judgement free zone.

I AM SAGE A.K.A. Ms. Love

Owner of PrayerCraft and Creator of Ms. Love's Lotions

This website is my service based site, where you can learn about the services I offer as a spiritual coach, intuitive reader, prayer warrior, and healer.

Discover how I can help you as you navigate this stage of your journey by reading through the table of contents at the bottom of this page and clicking whatever calls to you.

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Why seek services from Sage?

I am a spiritual healer who is called to raise the collective consciousness by working with individuals to seek truth and inner wisdom for recovery from difficult circumstances. I focus on healing from within by exploring what is really true for us as individuals within the collective. I am passionate about rewriting our own script for life by centering the story on what is true for us.

I am an empath, which means I feel energies and emotions strongly. I connect deeply on a spiritual level with my clients, with respect for the divine within each of us.

Sessions with me may expose cultural, religious or gender stereotypes we struggle with or that we unknowingly accepted as our truth. This acknowledgement of what is or is not true for us gives us the power to set ourselves free from beliefs that no longer serve us. I provide the tools to cope with the changes in thinking and behavior the process of embracing our highest selves requires.

Societal and/or religious expectations can be very difficult to break free from even when we suspect something feels like it is missing or off for us. I help my clients access their inner voice and distinguish it from outside influences to bring relief from the feelings of pressure (to be something that is not really true for us) or guilt (because we can't live up to the false standard that society expects of us).

Services with me may contain a healthy dose of humor, if that is called for, or depth and seriousness if that is what is needed. I am not afraid to walk with you through the dark night of the soul to uncover the truth that is buried there. Please allow me to help you release what no longer serves you. My work is based on trusting, healthy relationships with my clients. I keep all sessions strictly confidential and provide a psychic shield before each session for protection so you are safe to share in sacred space with me.

I am passionate about breaking chains that keep us repressed, overwhelmed, or unable to overcome trials in life. I help my clients live into their fullest potential by awakening, liberating, and acknowledging our highest selves. Who are you and how do you want to show up in the world? What is holding you back? If you want to dive deeply into questions of your purpose and what will make you feel fulfilled, I may be the right spiritual coach for you. I help you see beyond the limitations and current restrictions of your particular circumstances to deeply appreciate who you really are and what you were born to do.

Let's break chains of addiction, survival mechanisms that resulted from childhood trauma, and relationally dysfunctional patterns so you can be free to live into your divine purpose in this life. Let the truth set you free! Fear has no more power over you once you face it. Let me hold your hand through the trauma and tears and guide you to the inner voice within you. You do not have to go through scary or difficult change alone. I am a gentle but direct guide because your freedom is worth it to me.

I am seeking clients who are ready to let go of painful, repetitive patterns and who are willing to face hard truths in order to let go and move on. We can do this together. It is my pleasure to help you embrace your Power!

Table of Contents