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Guiding Principles

Eclectic Spiritual Guidance with Reverence for Each Person's Unique Divine Path. Reverence for the Ancient Wisdom of the Elders and Ancestors of all Cultures

Open Door Policy

LGBTQIA folk are welcome here. Open to all religious and spiritual paths. You are welcome to enter this sacred space, in a spirit of Oneness and mutual respect. PrayerCraft is a judgement free zone.

I AM SAGE A.K.A. Ms. Love

Owner of PrayerCraft LLC and Creator of Ms. Love's Lotions

This website is my service based site, where you can learn about the services I offer as a spiritual coach, intuitive reader, prayer warrior, and healer.

Discover how I can help you as you navigate this stage of your journey by reading through the table of contents below and clicking whatever calls to you.

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Table of Contents