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PrayerCraft is Womb Centered. Transgender inclusive. Dedicated to teaching diverse spiritual practices that honor each person's unique spiritual path. Trauma Informed Care. Effective at helping womxn survive, cope with, and heal from personal trauma.

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About Ms. Love

As a survivor and spiritual leader, I am invested in heart centered holistic healing. I earned my Masters of Theological Studies Degree in Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Religions and Worldviews. I am a lifelong learner who is passionate about helping womxn reach higher levels of consciousness, through customized spiritual practices that incorporate mind, body, and spirit.

Open Door Policy

PrayerCraft is a judgement free zone. Open to all spiritual paths. PrayerCraft encourages and celebrates ethnic diversity. LGBTQIA folk are welcome to enter this sacred space, in a spirit of Oneness and mutual respect.

Mission Statement

PrayerCraft affirms your health and wellbeing is important as a womxn because you are worthy, and more than enough just as you are now. PrayerCraft affirms that your health and wellbeing is your responsibility, and that the power is already within you in the present moment. PrayerCraft is dedicated to empowering womxn to invest in themselves, to love themselves, and to take really good care of themselves. PrayerCraft affirms that womxn are co-creators and fellow human beings embodying the indwelling Spirit of divinity. At PrayerCraft, we hold sacred space for womxn’s healing and teach womxn how to use spiritual tools to strengthen us on our path to full recovery and wholeness.

PrayerCraft Guiding Principles

Eclectic Spiritual Guidance with Reverence for Each Person's Unique Divine Path. Reverence for the Ancient Wisdom of the Elders and Ancestors of all Cultures. Trust is built on honesty and integrity. Coaching and other services function in a spirit of compassion, open, honest, direct communication, frequently using active listening skills and asking pertinent questions in a spirit of curiosity, to guide each client to her own inner wisdom and truth.

Upcoming Events

Fierce Self Love Womb Healing Experience

The rustic environment of the Indian Hot Springs Mountain Retreat calls to our Wild Selves.

Wild Women cannot be tamed, contained, or restrained for long.

She was born to be free and to Love Herself Fiercely!

How you will benefit from our Group Womb Healing Meditation Session at the Hot Springs:

*You will walk away feeling more grounded, centered, and mind-body-spirit conscious and aligned.

*You will feel less anxious, stressed, sore, tight, and experience less mental chatter.

*You will feel a sense of deep inner healing in your whole body, especially your womb space.

*You will be able to remember and practice this womb healing meditation at home whenever you feel anxious or stressed.

*You will feel a deep sense of the Divine Mother which heals any mother wounding you may have experienced as a child.

*You will release any toxic energy about sexual relationships that has remained buried in your womb space from past lovers.

*You will feel whole and complete and powerful just for being who you are- who you were born to be!

"The Source of the Universe is full of Limitless Resources for our Healing and Transformation."