Tarot & Oracle Cards

What are Tarot and Oracle Cards?

Tarot is the tradition divination tool used in the Craft to seek wisdom and guidance when making decisions or seeking to know more about your past, present or future. Tarot cards are always comprised of the major and minor Arcana (or, as I like to call them, power cards and elemental cards). You simply think of a clear question for which you would like an answer and I shuffle and draw the cards that call to me (while they are face down). I read and interpret the cards in light of your particular situation to give more you clarity and guidance.

Oracle cards are culturally unique decks that reflect the wisdom and guidance of divinity through the creation of the author and artist collectively. Oracle cards are not limited to the structure of the tarot (they have neither major nor minor Arcana), but are more personalized deck of 44 cards. They vary in artistic style and cultural relevance. I find Oracle cards to be best when seeking a simple answer that speaks directly to the situation for which you are seeking guidance. Like tarot readings, the cards are chosen based on your question and the Spirit's guidance. I can do this remotely during zoom meeting by channeling and connecting to your energy (and the energy surrounding you) to gain insight to best guide you on your journey.

Tarot Decks

  • Witches Tarot (traditional deck)

  • Journey into the Hidden Realm (of the Fey)

Oracle Reading Cards

  • Indigo Angel Oracle Cards (Invoke the Archangels)

  • Soul's Journey Lesson Cards (Eastern, Mandalas, Perspective shifts)

  • Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards (Intergalactic Guidance)

  • Dark Goddess Oracle Cards (Direct, She won't mince words with you)

  • Goddess Power Oracle Cards (Kind and Gentle Goddesses from diverse cultures)

  • Medicine Cards (Native American Animal Medicine)

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Take a look to see which deck resonates with you and contact me when you are ready for a reading. My rate is $55 for half an hour and $111 for an hour. The reading provides a basis for calling in Universal energy for guidance, but the interpretation is where my abilities really shine. I have been reading for myself and others for many years, and I am able to bring this experience into our sessions to ensure that you leave each session with the guidance you need for the next steps in your journey.