Join us in January for a Transformative Psychic Shielding Workshop!

The best thing you can give yourself for the new year is the experience of learning how to cleanse and protect your energy. Let go of what drains you!

Important dates: Jan. 14th & 15th, 20 & 21, and 28th @7pm

Results you will get:

-Relief from the stress, tension, and pressure to do all the things

-Strong sense of the Universe supporting, protecting & guiding you

-Remembering who you are and why you matter - your dreams & desires matter

-Simple practices like breathwork, centering & grounding you can do anywhere

-Knowledge of all the tools available to you NOW for YOUR WELLBEING

Have you Heard?

Sage Love is co-hosting Sacred Sisters Connection Circles with Priestess Shananda, owner of Crimson Lotus. These are community building spaces for women to connect, share and hold space for each other. Ask me about it if you would like to learn more.

Meet your Sisters and Connect in Sacred Song Ceremonies

Photo credit: Noelle Photography

From Right to Left: Sydney Jackson - Clockston, Otisa Eads, Priestess Shananda, Sage Love

Cancelation Policy

If you need to cancel because of an emergency, especially a Covid related emergency, please just let me know. Stay home and get well. Please do not put others at risk if you have any Covid symptoms or come into contact with anyone who has the virus. Although your deposit is nonrefundable, know that your deposit will be held as a credit. We will find another option that works for you. I will give you your choice of the purchase price off of a future event or service.

"The Source of the Universe is full of Limitless Resources for our Healing and Transformation."