May Theme: Self Care as Embodied Theology

We will explore how we can learn from the Womanist Movement to honor the Divine Within Us as Women

At PrayerCraft, We honor women's need for FIERCE self love always.

All love begins with self love. So let's love ourselves FIERCELY!

Are you craving a community of women where you can connect on a spiritual level?

Would you like to relax, tap into limitless energy, and strengthen your inner being naturally?

Fierce Self Love is for you!

Join us to connect with women in sacred space,

where our energies naturally flow

in limitless abundance!

Fierce Self Love Embodied Theology Experience

This ladies only event will be held First Fridays, starting at noon.

We will meet at an Historic Site in Idaho Springs, just 35-45 minutes drive from Denver Metro Areas.

The rustic environment of the Indian Hot Springs Mountain Retreat calls to our Wild Selves.

Wild Women cannot be tamed, contained, or restrained for long.

She was born to be free and to Love Herself Fiercely!

Join us for a magical and magnetic guided meditation to ground your energy in Mother Earth, release trauma from your spiritual womb space, and cleanse mind body and spirit in the natural mineral waters.

In this Powerful Guided meditation you will learn:

How to Tune into Your Divine Feminine Power

Ground Your Energy in Mother Earth

Clear Your Womb Space

Align Your Chakras

Activate your Inner Power!

What is included:

An extended Soak in the Luxurious Natural Mineral Hot Springs

Stay and soak as long as you like until they close at 10 pm.

Personal Guidance and Group Guided Meditation

I will be available to answer questions or go deeper with you for the next hour as you integrate what you learn during our session.

How to Reserve your Spot

The cost of admission for this is $150. We only have room for ten ladies.

There are limited spaces available, so book quickly to hold your spot.

Questions? Please text Sage at 720-295-3532

How you will benefit from our Group Womb Healing Meditation Session:

*You will walk away feeling more grounded, centered, and mind-body-spirit conscious and aligned.

*You will feel less anxious, stressed, sore, tight, and experience less mental chatter.

*You will feel a sense of deep inner healing in your whole body, especially your womb space.

*You will be able to remember and practice this womb healing meditation at home whenever you feel anxious or stressed.

*You will feel a deep sense of the Divine Mother which heals any mother wounding you may have experienced as a child.

*You will release any toxic energy about sexual relationships that has remained buried in your womb space from past lovers.

*You will feel whole and complete and powerful just for being who you are- who you were born to be!

Cancelation Policy

If you need to cancel because of an emergency, especially a Covid related emergency, please just let me know.

Stay home and get well.

Please do not put others at risk if you have any Covid symptoms or come into contact with anyone who has the virus.

Although your deposit is nonrefundable, know that your deposit will be held as a credit.

We will find another option that works for you.

I will give you your choice of the purchase price off of a future event

or one of my other services, such as an oracle reading, Reiki healing session, or coaching session.


We begin promptly at 12 noon.

Meet outside, in front of the Historic Indian Hot Springs (in Idaho Springs)

brief introductions (15 minutes)

Go downstairs to the women's locker room to get changed into what you are comfortable in.

Clothing is optional in the women only caves (15 minutes)

Descend into the Womb of the Mother, in the underground caves (12:30 pm)

Listen intentionally to the Sacred Womb Healing Guided Meditation (30 minutes)

Ground and center your mind, body, and spirit in the energy of Mother Earth

Mini silent retreat begins after the Guided Meditation. Notice how silence can be such a blessing!

Soak in the fresh mineral waters of the luxurious, naturally heated hot springs (at your leisure)

Spend time relaxing, reflecting, and journaling during our mini silent retreat in the caves (at your leisure)

What to Bring & How to Prepare

Bring a lock to secure your belongings in the women's locker room or come early to buy one in the gift shop on site. Bring a large bottled water for hydration (or buy one in the gift shop). Your own towel is recommended, but towels are also available at the front desk if you forget. A journal and pen will be provided for journaling, but you are also welcome to bring your own. Shower supplies, if desired. Clothing is optional in the women only caves, but bring a sarong or swim suit for covering if desired.

There is a gift shop if you would like to buy a sarong or a bathing suit, but come early if you will need to shop. Please be ready at noon so we start on time. You are welcome to stay after our session has ended at 2 pm and soak or journal for as long as you like. Entry to the caves closes at 10 pm. Lodging is not necessary for this day trip experience, but can be added on if you choose to stay the night. If you would like to purchase a room, this will be a personal expense, not included in the Fierce Self Love Womb Healing Experience. To book a room for the night, use this link:

Please eat before attending and do not drink alcohol the day of our session. Bring your favorite crystal to activate during our session.

"The Source of the Universe is full of Limitless Resources for our Healing and Transformation."