Earth is the learning ground.

All of us are here to learn.

We come to earth as little babies, knowing nothing of what came before or what will come after this life. This is intentional. It ensures our experience is authentic, that our choices are chosen in the moment, on the ground.

We do not remember who we are or why we are here when we are born. The world around us tells us who we are supposed to be, but can never tell us who we really are or what our purpose is in this life. Such answers must come from within ourselves. Any answer we seek outside ourselves can only be a reflection of what is already inside us.

Our DNA tells us what color our eyes will be and what genetic traits we will be born with. Our astrological chart may predict what tendencies we will have, who we are likely to be attracted to, and what drives us to keep going when the going gets tough.

What if the Universe left us a map in our DNA that we are learning how to "read" by knowing ourselves, being true to ourselves, and loving ourselves unconditionally?

What if our DNA also contains our preferences, what will and won't work for us, and all the answers to any of the questions we could ask others about ourselves?

What if there is a way to tap into this hidden map to find the answers we seek within us? Would you want to?

Life has a way of increasing our suffering when we neglect the lessons we are here to learn. There is no avoiding it. We all either learn or continue to repeat the pattern in various ways until we do learn.

We can choose to be diligent in responding to life's lessons, or we can take the test again.

Most suffering is self-imposed suffering, a natural result of running away from our lessons. When we are ready to face the truth, it is inevitable that we will overcome the obstacles we have been running from when we approach learning and growing with dedication and divine help.

All we have to do is let go of what is holding us back and tap into the the Source.

The Source of the Universe is full of

Limitless Resources for our Healing and Transformation.

The amount of time it takes us to get there is not as important as the point in which we do.