PrayerCraft Guiding Principles

Eclectic Spiritual Guidance with Reverence for Each Person's Unique Divine Path. Reverence for the Ancient Wisdom of the Elders and Ancestors of all Cultures. Trust is built on honesty and integrity.

Open Door Policy

PrayerCraft is a judgement free zone. Open to all spiritual paths. PrayerCraft encourages ethnic diversity. LGBTQIA folk are welcome to enter this sacred space, in a spirit of Oneness and mutual respect.

Personal Inspiration

Deep, spiritual, soul connections with people seeking elevation, being willing to rise above our circumstances together, investing in ourselves and focusing on the joy of the journey.

Collective Consciousness, Oneness in Nature, Animal and Plant Medicine, Spiritual ritual elements: ceremonial drumming, incense, singing bowls, crystals, bonfires, the beauty and power of all of the natural elements.

Especially I want to honor and invoke the fifth element, Spirit, which pervades all ritual and binds us together in a union of love, freedom, and mutual respect. It is this spark of Divinity within each of us.

My deepest desire is to cultivate love and healing light and reflect it back into the world.

The Source of the Universe is full of Limitless Resources for our Healing and Transformation.